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Reflective Journal 1: My Experiences with Persuasive Writing Address these criteria: 1. Describe experiences you have had with persuasive writing (writing to convince). I use persuasive writing in many areas of my life, starting with writing a resume, convincing the hiring manager that I am the best person for the job with much experience, education, knowledge, and dedication. Another area I use persuasive writing is writing papers for my college classes, convincing the professor that I have learned the topic at hand. 2. Explain ways you expect to use persuasive writing in your university career and in your professional and personal life. While attending Strayer University I expect to be using persuasive writing by writing papers for my classes. I will be writing papers to convince the professor that I have obtained, and learned the information that has been given on a particular subject. In my professional life I will be using persuasive writing in writing a business proposal or an HR structural proposal. Both of these areas require you to convince others to believe in your beliefs whether it is convincing a bank or partners that my business proposal is sound, and offers a way to be successful as in that particular business. Perhaps I am writing an HR structural proposal I am convincing the presidents of the company that the HR structure that I have planned will ensure success in either company growth, or company downsizing. No matter which one is being written the fact is that either structure requires a proposal of what your goal is and what it will take to reach this goal. So I will be writing to convince that the structure that I have proposed is the right structure and that the method to obtain success is the correct ladder to use to reach success in that area. In my personal life I will be using persuasive writing by writing my

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