Week 1 Reflection Paper

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1. How many students are in our class? (25) Twenty-f ive students. 2. How many Topics do you find in the Conferences for Week 1? (5) Five. 3. How many points is your proctored exam worth? (20) Twenty points. 4. How many textbook does our course require? (2) Two. 5. How many papers are required of you this semester? (2) Two. 6. What is the reading requirement for Week 1? Rachels, Elements, 1-13 and Rachels, Reading 1-28. 7. As you review the course introduction, what do you think your greatest challenge will be? Right now while I'm visiting my parents I just need to stay on top of all my assignments with some good time management and make sure I have access to the internet. My parents house does not have a computer or internet so planning things out will be a must. Assignment wise I think…show more content…
If you wanted to check on a grade, where would you look? In the "Portfolo" under the Grades & Study Group Participation. What about to submit an assignment? To turn in an assignment, click on the assignment title link. When submitting your assignments, please note that you may submit an assignment repeatedly until your instructor reads or grades it. Once the status becomes Marked as Read or Graded, you cannot submit changes unless your instructor returns your assignment to you as Ungraded. Assignment links will disappear from your Assignment Folder after they are graded and will reappear in your Portfolio. 9. What is your biggest concern right now about using Web Tycho? This is my first class with UMUC so I want to make sure I establish a good patern for using the the Web Tycho site. I do like the fact that the site has all the assignments available for planning which allows you get ahead of schedule if you events coming up that will not all you to work on your class during the week. That's it! Remember--submit the answers to these questions in your assignment folder and then email me a note to let me know you are finished with the orientation

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