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TIME TO SAY GOOD-BYE – EUTHANASIA Your blood turns ice cold while your eyes burn and tears start to form. You’ve known this day would come, but the reality has never truly sunk in. Cupid’s arrow that struck your chest when you first met this bundle of love has now festered leaving you with a painful decision, one that no human should have to make. Your responsibility as a pet owner just took a very nasty, gritty turn – the life of your pet, your, child, your loved one covered in fur, is now very palpably placed in your hands. Nobody wants to see their pet suffer, but nobody wants to say goodbye either. But this choice isn’t about you. This is all about your pet. If nothing can be done further medically for your pet, and your pet is no longer…show more content…
If you have made the decision to proceed decide on a time and day to schedule the appointment. If you can, it might help to spend a few final days with your beloved pet. Talk to your vet to ensure that you know what is to be expected and how your vet will handle the procedure. Take into consideration the day of the week. You might want to take day or two off from work to handle the high emotions. After the procedure you will need to focus on and take care of yourself. Do not be afraid to ask friends and family for support. DOES THE ANIMAL EXPERIENCE ANY PAIN - Regardless of where the euthanasia procedure is performed – the process is quick and painless. A sedative is injected which puts the pet into a relaxed sleep. The euthanasia solution is then administered which will relax the pet’s muscles causing the heart to stop beating. This solution takes effect within seconds. WHAT TO EXPECT AT THE VET AND WHEN IT’S DONE - Although the euthanasia procedure is usually done at a veterinarian’s office, it can be performed at home. Mobile vets, such as Dr Kate Morris, can perform the euthanasia procedure in the comfort of your home, giving you privacy to grieve and creating less stress for your pet as they remain in an environment that they are familiar…show more content…
You have to be strong and courageous for the sake of your pet. Being with your pet will help them to relax in a strange environment and put them at ease. Hold and stroke your pet, kiss their head, talk to them, say a silent prayer, do whatever you feel is necessary to provide closure for you and communicate love to your pet. You may also ask your vet for private time with your pet before and/or after. Don’t be shy or ashamed. Cry your heart out if you feel like it – you have every right to express your emotions after going through such a traumatic

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