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Hope It Doesn't Fall Out! Nichole Ziegler University of Phoenix Health and Chronic Disease Management NUR/427 September 08, 2011 Marc Verlasky Hope It Doesn't Fall Out! It was a cool fall day when in walked Petals Jinx into our clinic. Mrs. Jinx seemed like a typical 23 year old Caucasian female. She came up to the desk and signed in stating that she needed to see a doctor. Mrs. Jinx sat in the waiting room filling out the required paper work. Mrs. Jinx's name was called and she was brought back to the exam room. Mrs. Jinx handed me her paperwork and you could tell she was in some pain, as the movement made her cringe. I looked over the paperwork, seeing that she is one of three children, the middle child, younger to her older sister.…show more content…
I explain pointing to the inside of the uterus that "endometriosis is a condition in which endometrial cells that normally line the uterus are seeded throughout her pelvis" (Monahan, Sands, & Neighbors, 2007, p.1692). I continue to explain "that with each menstrual period the seeded cells are stimulated by ovarian hormones and bleed into the surrounding tissues, causing an inflammatory response. The encased blood may lead to palpable masses known as chocolate cysts" (Monahan, Sands, & Neighbors, 2007, p.1692). I can tell she looks a little confused so I try to think of a way to explain what I mean. I give her the analogy of when you have a pimple and it pops and how it explodes, well this is what the endometriosis does, but when it explodes it attaches itself to other parts of your anatomy, and can form on any part of your anatomy not just your uterus. I also inform Mrs. Jinx pointing to the picture in the pamphlet that with the consent explosion of these cysts that they can cause adhesions and these adhesions may become severe enough to fuse other pelvic organs together. Mrs. Jinx looks at me and nods, I ask if she understands, and she voices yes. I explain to her that endometriosis will cause your menstrual cycles to be heavy and to be very painful. She nods and agrees that her menstrual cycle is very heavy and the first day of her cycle she is…show more content…
Jinx the different types of treatments that are out there to help treat the endometriosis. Showing Mrs. Jinx that there are medications she may be able to take to help with the pain and with the endometriosis spreading, as some medications like birth control can cause your body to release less estrogen and progestin's which will prohibit the growth of the endometriosis cells. I also explain to her that sometimes once she becomes pregnant that it will slow down the spread of the endometriosis as she is not having her menstrual cycles. I can tell she is feeling a little relieved, so I go on explaining that when the doctor does the laparoscopy that he might laser off the endometriosis that is visible and this might prevent it from coming back. I explain to her that with endometriosis that it is a patient to patient treatment plan as everyone is different. The doctor comes back in and asks Mrs. Jinx if next Thursday would work for her laparoscopy, as this will allow them to start adequate treatment once the finalized diagnosis is made. Mrs. Jinx nods and states "yes" looking at the doctor with reassurance that things will be ok and that there is a way to correct

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