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Memo to Mothers PSY/280 April 25, 2013 Kristin Myers Memo to Mothers This memo is from a development psychologist to give recommendations addressing these two topics and to label daily engagements to help women six months pregnant and women who may get affected by postpartum. If a women is six months along in their pregnancy should follow these three steps to benefit their baby until birth. These three steps will help mothers to give birth to a healthy newborn (Berger, K. S. (2010). The first step for women that are six months pregnant needs to get enough adequate rest. Women need to avoid fatiguing work. If pregnant women do not get enough rest the consequence can impede with their slumber, absorption or diet this can lead to premature babies or miscarriage (Berger, K. S. (2010). The second step for women that are six months pregnant or more need to stay away from teratogens. Teratogens are agents and conditions, including viruses, drugs, and chemicals, that might impair prenatal…show more content…
Doctors often give advice to have skin to skin contact with the newborn may decrease postpartum tension and make an intimate bond between the mother and newborn (Berger, K. S. (2010). The second step for a mother who has postpartum depression is the fathers roll. When a mother gets diagnose with postpartum, the father will play a predominant vital role. The father will engage with the newborn so the newborn will fell the fathers’ energetic care. This will let the newborn to flourish and helps the mother to get the important care she may need to conquer postpartum depression (Berger, K. S. (2010). The last step for a mother with postpartum depression is to avoid loneliness. The mother needs to not cut off any interaction with their love ones or friends such as their feelings and thoughts. Always ask for help to assistance and guidance from an expert at postpartum

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