Reflection Using Driscolls Model in Health Visiting

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Student Number 20050339 REFLECTION 5 Choosing a model that suits the practitioner best reflective practice can make sense of your reflection and support a positive plan of action for next time (Bulman & Shulz 2008). Using Johns (1994) model of reflection, this reflective account will look at my thoughts and feelings following a new birth visit. DESCRIPTION This visit highlighted to me the issues and the delicacy of maternal mental health and how life events can affect the wellbeing of an individual. A close relative of the family I visited had very recently lost their baby shortly after being born. This had obviously been very difficult time and I was aware that the birth of a new baby within the family may have come with mixed emotions. SCENARIO Prior to the visit I had received a telephone handover from the new Mother’s midwife, who had explained this had been an uneventful pregnancy and straight forward delivery. However her sister had very recently given birth, which had tragically resulted in the baby dying shortly afterwards. The midwife explained this had created anxieties about her new baby and that whilst she appeared to doing okay it was something to be mindful of. This highlights again the importance of collaborative working and effective handovers ( ). This information I felt was necessary to prepare myself for what may potentially be a difficult visit and also to prevent a potentially difficult situation had I been unaware of the family’s circumstances. Upon meeting Mum for the first time I observed a sociable lady who appeared happy and adjusting to life with a new baby. This was her fourth child and appeared to be confident in meeting babies’ needs, with good interactions observed. I began with routine questions asked at a new birth visit, however as I was aware of the families recent loss I felt it appropriate to

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