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The Relationship among a Mother and Child The mother plays an important role in her daughter’s life; the child will learn her values from her and look up to her as a mother. The mother affects the child’s life by raising the child in a comfortable environment and doing various activities with the child. In the book, Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel Tita, Roberto, and Esperanza do not have an instant connection with their mothers after they were born, resulting in them creating a stronger bond with their surrogate mothers. Tita’s relationship with her biological mother is unstable, making her believe that Nacha is her true mother because she is the only one who cares and understands her. The relationship between a mother and child…show more content…
The act of nursing a child creates an important bond between the mother and child. When Tita takes over the job of feeding Roberto, the author says, “It was as if the child’s mother was Tita and not Rosaura” (78). By having a physical and emotional bond with Roberto, Tita feels like she is an important role in his life. By creating this bond, Roberto will only feel comfortable around Tita and will believe that he is in a safe environment. When a child responds in an uncontrollable manner, it usually means that he or she is uncomfortable and want to return to his or her comfort zone. When Rosaura has Esperanza in her care, she does not have the same feeling she has when she’s with Tita. When she’s out of Tita’s hands, the narrator says “the child had outshone herself, she sensed her aunt was thinking of getting married and departing the ranch, leaving her behind all adrift, for all say long she never stopped crying” (148). The sense Esperanza feels when she knows that she is drifting apart from her mother makes her cry uncontrollably. Esperanza will never feel comfortable around Rosaura because she is always with Tita. She does not have the time to build a relationship with Rosaura because she is never around her. The relationship Tita and Nacha have is mimicked with Tita and Rosaura’s children; they all are all uncomfortable with their birth mothers and only feel comfortable with their

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