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The aim of this assignment is to discuss and identify a nursing skill whilst on placement. As this was my placement the nursing skill I performed was bed bathing a patient. By participating in bed bathing a patient it has enabled me to identify how to plan and apply nursing care to patients in combination with affective nursing skills. However, I not only had to consider the practice skills with patients hygiene needs but also the privacy and dignity of the patient. Throughout this assignment names have been changed due to confidentiality of the patient and staff involved.To maintain my client’s autonomy I am unable to disclose any client information, accordingly I have given my client the name Dot this is to protect and respect my client’s…show more content…
The reason why we bed bath clients is to promote personal hygiene and to give them a sense of well-being it also maintain intact skin i.e. prevention of pressure sours. Bed bathing allows the caregivers to monitor changes in the client’s skin condition.It was my first day on practice placement and I assisted a care assistance in giving a patient a bed bath. The patient had recently had a stroke, due to that the patients left arm was paralysed and her mobility was greatly reduced, and also caused her severe pain. We first explained to her what we were going to do and asked for her consent, which was given verbally, the patient was unable to communicate do to the stroke however when we asked for her consent she nodded her head. The Code of Conduct states ‘those who are legally competent may give consent in writing, orally, or by co-operation’ (Nursing and Midwifery Council 2002).We maintained safe practice by clearing any obstacles around the patient’s area. We also maintained the patients’ privacy and dignity as we pulled the curtains on the window and closed the…show more content…
The water in the washbasin then had to be changed once again as it had started to go cold, the care and I then repeated the same procedure with Dots legs and feet. Heath (1995) sates that feet and nails require special attention to prevent infection, odours and injury tissues. Once we had sprayed some of Dots deodorant on I first asked her if she wanted to wear her own clothes, she turned her head. However when I asked her if she wanted to wear a night dress she nodded her head so we placed a new, clean fresh night dress on her.The bed was re made which involved the moving and handling of the patient, and then I proceeded in removing my apron and washing my hands which removed any transient bacteria, and reduced the risk of cross infection, Dougherty (2004) states that strict hand washing before and after patient contact can reduce rates of infection. I returned to Dots room and asked her if she was comfortable, she shook her head, so I asked her if I could re adjust her pillows to make her feel comfortable. In response she nodded her head so I asked for assistance so that I could place another pillow behind Dot. Moreover I asked Dot if she was comfortable and she nodded her head. I

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