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Community Service Essay For my community service project I volunteered with helping dogs at the Peninsula Humane Society, in Burlingame. I felt great about volunteering with this group because, I learned many things throughout the process and it had a significant personal impact on me. I love animals, I was ecstatic about working at the Humane Society. I love animals and although they have shelter, they still need emotional and physical attention from people or other animals in order to live a happy life. The experience opened my eyes to the fact that shelter animals especially, need love and care. The dogs do appreciate our company and help, and it was truly heartwarming to be able to give the dogs in the shelter the care and attention they need. Overall, volunteering made me feel compassionate and motivated to make a difference for animals. I have been working at the Peninsula Humane Society since July of 2013, and plan to continue for the future. In volunteering with the dog department I gave care by spending time by petting, playing with them in their doggie “condos” (space). In addition I gave them a few treats, walks and made sure their environment was clean. I feel that taking these actions not only helped the staff at the shelter to make their lives easier, but specifically the dogs themselves. I helped the dogs not only directly by giving them essentials and more that they should have, but also indirectly. By caring for them it helps improve their behavior and ensures that they will be ready to adopt to find a suitable and hopefully permanent home, where they will have a pleasurable lifestyle. Of course volunteering and helping others sets good examples for more people to get involved, and ultimately make an even bigger difference! The Peninsula Humane provides direct services for shelter animals such as cats and dogs through adoption, foster home

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