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GRADUATE WRITING Muhamed Elenanzih Using a Courthouse Dog in the Courtroom “Promoting justice through the use of courthouse dogs to provide emotional support for everyone in the criminal justice system, is a way we should support in order to help the victims whom are in need for the kind of comfort and support in the court house.” Victims always afraid and petrified when they have to show up in the court room especially kids, they are not use to the courthouse at all. In addition to that, they are the victims whom already suffer great deal of abuse, rape, beaten-up….etc. I strongly support all kind of comfort and support that might be provided victims with the ability to confidently speaking and…show more content…
Why I support the use of dogs in the courtroom? And that are. * to give comfort and support to the victims who are in need for it. * Children feel safer with the presents of dogs, because kids believe dogs are their friends. * In fact dogs always give comfort and support to too many people, wither they are kids or adults, many people are using skilled companion dogs for the physically. * Emotionally disabled, hearing dogs for the hearing impaired. * Dogs for facility teams. Facility teams are made up of a dog and a trained handler. * Facility dogs also carry most of the skills of service dogs as well as the specialized skills for whatever type of facility the dog will be working in, and that why so many people also .have dogs as their pets. Argument # 1) dogs are too dangers to be in the courtroom. In fact not any dog is permitted in the courtroom, only courthouse dogs are permitted in the courtroom. First they have to be well trained and well behaved to become courthouse dogs. In this case the danger of trained dogs is very minimal. The following case will support my…show more content…
CCI determined that Astro’s temperament was best suited to work in a public setting and placed him at the Dawson Place Child Advocacy Center to work as a facility dog. He usually makes the visit to the advocacy center or the courthouse a pleasant experience. Astro’s greatest strength is his ability to calm and comfort others in stressful situations. Astro provides emotional support to all those involved in the criminal justice system.” Argument # 2) dogs might effects juries in the courtroom * Defense lawyers argue that dogs my unfairly have some effects with their cuteness and empathy, and dogs might have an effect in the juries emotions. Juries are highly educated and are professional people’s to be emotional in their judgment. They know and understand the law very well. They have allot of knowledge. * The present of courthouse dogs might ease the case, and bring Justice to both the victims and the

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