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Saving Cadence”: A Neglected Pit Bull Daniela Salazar Abstract The American Pit Bull Terrier’s reputation has changed drastically over time in the United States. With that being said people can’t own a Pit Bull in multiple cities in the U.S. “Saving Cadence” is one of many videos posted on the Hope for Paws worldwide network. These videos are posted by animal rescuers that prove with life footage that all dogs deserve a second chance. “Saving Cadence” is about a neglected female Pit Bull named Cadence, who was given a second chance to become a wonderful pet just like any other breed considered a “family dog”. In this analysis paper I will analyze the credibility of the video and the author, how pathos, ethos, and logos are used for both the rhetoric and visual part, identify the audience, and how effective the video was to get their message across. The American Pit Bull Terriers’ image has changed drastically over time. The Pit Bull went from being America’s favorite breed to the most feared. Pit Bulls attract violent and abusive owners who use them for fighting and don’t provide the love and care a Pit Bull needs. According to a 2006 study from the Journal of Interpersonal Violence owners of dogs considered “vicious” like the Pit Bull were more likely to have criminal convictions of aggressive crimes, drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, and firearms. There is a great deal of organizations that help this bullied breed as much as they can. One of these organizations is Hope for Paws, a non-profit organization that helps rescue abused and neglected animals. Hope for Paws is also responsible for creating a huge network of rescuers all over the world. Rescuers upload their impacting videos to the network for the world to see. One video in particular, "Saving Cadence", is about a female Pit Bull named Cadence who was used as a bait dog and how she was given a

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