Why I Want a Dog?

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Why I Want A Dog Mom, I would like to let you know that I really want a dog.You may think that having a dog will be too much work for YOU, but since it will be my dog I will take care of it. You may worry that you are going to have to clean up after it or walk it, but i will be the responsible child you know i am.Let me tell you about why having a dog is nothing to worry about! Remember what you said about that our family doesn't get out a lot? Well a dog is the perfect answer!Why?Because with dogs you have to walk them and with that your getting a good workout AND we're getting out of the house! I know you like that ! And while we are walking we can have fun.What else do you want? Another reason why we should get a dog is that when some of our family members are feeling down, a dog can cheer them up!I say that because mostly all dogs just want to have fun. And if they can make me happy then they PROBABLY can make you happy!I mean everyone needs a good laugh now and then so a good dog is the answer! I also know that your concerned that the dog will probably leave "presents" on the floor and carpets.But that's not to worry!We can potty train the dog so THAT wont happen! And while its in the process of training and it leaves a present you don't have to worry about breaking your back because i WILL be the one cleaning it up! In conclusion i hoped i have convinced you! And always remember that dogs provide our whole family laughter,joy,and "presents"!Hopefully you have said yes by now because you should go and see whats under your covers right

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