The Truth about Puppy Mills

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A puppy mill is a dirty, trashy place where several dogs are bred and kept in deplorable conditions and suffer from abuse in many ways; therefore, I think they should not be legal. These poor animals are bred until death, locked in tiny cages their whole lives, and have many physical defects. These mills are awful places that no living thing should have to endure. Puppy mills are extremely over-populated. This is because the dogs are bred from the time they are old enough, to the time they die. Unfortunately, breeding dogs hardly ever get out of the mills, but puppies, on the other hand, sometimes do. This should not happen because the more dogs that are born means more dogs will be mistreated. On the other hand, the dogs that do stay there are kept in cages. For their whole lives, they are locked in tiny, little kennels. All through the year, the weather and temperature affect them. In the winter, they are freezing cold, and in the summer, they burn up. Both of these extreme conditions can result in death. Many of the dogs are the same size as their cages, so they are squeezed in there with no room to play, or barely even move. The owners of these puppy mills neglect the animals. They often hit or inflict other kinds of pain on them. One example is putting collars on that are too small for them. This results in red imprints and cuts around their necks. The dogs often have only nubs for front or back legs, because of the many fights that break out . Dogs from puppy mills are often diagnosed with sicknesses such as respiratory infections and pneumonia, as well as hereditary defects. It is hard for animals to enjoy, or barely even tolerate conditions like these. People should also avoid buying their dogs at pet stores because most of the dogs there come from puppy mills. If someone buys from the pet stores, not only are they supporting this cruel industry,

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