Older Dogs vs. Puppies

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Choosing an Older Dog or a Puppy. Buying a pet dog is a very choosy and difficult experience. The best part of buying or picking out a dog is the fact that the person can choice what type and what age dog they would like. While many people say an old dog can’t be taught new tricks many people would disagree. While puppies are a lot harder to handle at first due to constant care and watching while their still babies, in the long run you hard work will pay off with a very trained and loyal dog. First, there are many older dogs looking for homes. The problem with older dogs the owner can’t tell what the dog has been through. When purchasing an older dogs the owner has a chance of the dog being beat by previous owners. The owner also has a possibility of receiving a dog that has been pu through dog fighting. While the new owner doesn’t have to teach the older dog much if the previous owner taught the dog well, such as housebreaking and training stages, the owner still has a chance that the dog could have been beat and this will most likely mean the dog is aggressive that is really scared. While all dogs should have a home and be treated right there are many people out there that take their anger out on their dogs and fight their dogs for money. Other good reasons to buy an older dog is the fact the owner won’t have to spend as much money on shots and being sprayed or neutered. While buying a puppy, the owner will have to spend a great deal of money for worm shots neutering and other vet visits the puppy will need. The older dog could possibly have health issues so make sure to check, it is a good idea to do some research on what to look for when adopting an older dog into the family. Older dogs are usually more laid back and not as energetic, yet they are still playful. This may be a key factors for a person who wants a lap dog or a quiet and friendly dog.
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