Solution To Puppy Mills

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Page 1 of 2 Solution to Puppy Mills…… It would be very difficult to outlaw puppy mills. It would very expensive to enforce as well. It would take people willing to donate their time and money to the cause. It would either end up with more small, back yard breeders or the animals constantly being moved like “Black Market” to avoid the location being located and/or owners fined. It may end up hurting the responsible breeders out there and not affecting the desperate ones as the reputable ones don't profit much at all. I have listed a few thoughts on possible solutions. 1) Ban pet stores that sell dogs purchased from puppy mills from operating. 2) The need to enact legislation that would regulate breeding operations. 3) Educate the public on how these mills operate and the conditions the animals live in. 4) Set up funding for Rescue and volunteers that take and foster these animals until good homes are found for them. 5) Monitor and regulate the sale of animals online. These would all be good steps but so much more needs to be done, preferably with showing leadership to ensure dog breeding is properly regulated I have strong feelings about the sale of rescue dogs in pet stores. It would still encourage the same impulse buying that currently happens. It puts dogs that have been through stressful situations through even more. That could be avoided if it they were kept in a foster home until adopted. If all pet store sales of dogs and cats were banned, then people would have to sit down and think about where they're going to buy from. Impulse purchases by people would be harder and they would have to take longer to think about the pet they desire to have. On line purchases would need to be regulated as well. By not regulating on line sales, these impulse buyers would still be able to buy before being educated as to where the animal came from and how

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