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Jordan Rehbock BMK 50 Marketing Final Executive Summary Doggles is the new way of protecting the eyes of our dogs. With Doggles, our objective is to ensure the eye health of all dogs, big and small. With Doggles UV protection and protective casing, exercising with your dog is a fear of the past. Doggles encourages a healthy lifestyle for dogs and owners alike. Doggles encourage an active life style, and can ensure that no eyes will be harmed in the process. It is a sad day when a dog goes blind due to cataracts, so we make it our mission to get a pair of Doggles on every dog’s face, because no dog deserves to lose out on this fashionable eye wear. Doggles Target Market The ideal target market for doggles is dog owners, men…show more content…
Increases better behavior in dogs States with 4 Seasons Young Active people People who have guide dogs prevents progression of cataracts affordable Competition Table ( SWOT ) Company Strength(s) Weaknesses Opportunities Threat(s) Dogocles Fashionable Only for one eye Limited market Dog show attire/ increases social status It is a specialty product Optivisor Protects eyes against debris and prevents dog from touching wounds on face and bumping into things Does not have UV protection Not as esthetically pleasing semi limited market ability to be sold at vets office (like the cone of shame) The product is limited due to the lack of UV ray protection and will be overshadowed by other products Doggles Protective against UV rays and debris Does not prevent against bumping into items Very strong ability of expanding the company and product lines Vets may want to recommend another product based upon the diagnoses ( Comparison of Competition ) rated on a (+) & (-) scale, (+) being strength (-) being weakness Company Dogocles Optivisor Doggles Eye Protection ( - ) ( + ) ( + ) Fashionability ( + ) ( - ) ( + ) Customizable ( - ) ( -…show more content…
Having the ability to price such a vital item at an affordable rate ensures this product to be in high demand. As seen by the graph above, Doggles is a reasonable priced product that can be affordable to my specific target market, as well as many others. Doggles clearly beats its competition when it comes to pricing. Marketing Communications Doggles will be contacting various famous dogs on YouTube, in which we will offer them our product in exchange for their debut on their YouTube channel as well as the opportunity for being the face of Doggles as the “Doggle Dog”. This will include a contest in which the YouTube subscribers will vote on which dog they want to see as the new face of Doggles. Once this happens, Doggles will go viral and will expand to various social media outlets in which Doggles will be marketed and promoted though the use of link sharing, hashtag campaigns, and YouTube clips of active dogs wearing Doggles. The owner of the winning dog will get to design their own Limited Edition Doggle in which their dog will be photographed in for the “Doggle Dog” calendar, in which 20% of the proceeds will go to the

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