Puppy Mill Speech

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Good morning students and teachers. Today I am here to discuss my passionate topic, which is the real story behind buying a ‘pet shop puppy’. What is a puppy mill? A puppy mill is a breeding ground for a huge and constant demand of puppies. There are usually anywhere from 200-300 females and only 50 male dogs at puppy mills. Inbred animals with deformities and congenital disorders are a regular occurrence at puppy mills, but are never cured. Puppies, mothers & fathers are all kept in tiny cages, constantly walking around on wire cages & their own faeces, some never seeing sunlight. What about those animals who break free? They’re met by electric barb wired fences, reinforced with a strong electric current. Every day in society, even in small towns and cities, the demand for cute puppies is growing higher and higher. We as the consumer are putting the…show more content…
They deplete the land, are very costly, are expensive to the tax payer, create unhealthy animals for the future and crowd pounds causing the stay period of an animal to be re-homed dramatically shorter, which ends in euthanasia; costing more money to society. This repetitive cycle needs to be cut short otherwise dogs will be seen as a burden to our lives. What can you do to eliminate puppy mills? There are petitions online http://www.closepuppyfactories.org/ to pledge your support, new legislations have been implemented, ‘Oscars Law’ http://www.oscarslaw.org/ & do not support puppy mills in any form. Buying online, from the pet shop or even a simple news advertisement is justifying the puppy mills actions. Even taking a vow to adopt your next pet is one step in the right direction. Personally, I have bought from a puppy mill. It is terrible, but even worse to know that it is right under our noses. (Located near Nimbin) By supporting this industry I have invested almost $3000 into one breeding ground. But I will never do it again for as long as I
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