Factory Animal Abuse

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Factory farms in the United States are growing at a very strong rate. In these factory farms the workers do not take the animals lives into consideration. They do not give the animals proper living environments and they all die in a very painful death. The government must put new laws into effect so that the animal abuse stops. Most of the United States’ meat, eggs, and milk come from Factory Farms or concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). CAFOs keep animals confined in small areas with very little vegetation. This can go on for days and in some cases years. Most of the animals on factory farms are locked into very confined spaces where they cannot even turn around. With animals being in such conditions it increases the risk of diseases…show more content…
All of the states have laws that restrain animal abuse and how much you can do in a factory farm. If you get caught with a case of animal abuse you will get charged with a very hefty fine. Factory farms can produce large quantities of food for very cheap. One of the reasons that factory farms produce food so cheaply is because factories do everything in mass quantities. Since everything is being dealt with in mass quantities this increases the risk of disease. This is very dangerous because the employees have to give all of the animal’s antibiotics. If the animal is taking a lot of antibiotics this could potentially make our food dangerous to eat. The Humane Slaughter Act is a federal law, designed to decrease suffering of livestock. According to the law animals have to be unconscious before they are slaughtered. Some animals are stunned just before by electrocution or a metal bolt drilled into the head. These methods are used because it’s a quick and a fairly painless death. More than one hundred and sixty-eight million chickens and around nine billion broiler chickens are killed for food in the United States yearly. The Humane Slaughter Act specifically mentions only cattle, calves, horses, mules, sheep and…show more content…
“Common Farming exemptions make legal any method of raising farmed animals so long as it is commonly practiced within the industry. In other words, farmers-corporations is the right word- have the power to define cruelty. If the industry adopts a practice-hacking off unwanted appendages with no pain killers, for example, but you can let your imagination run with this-it automatically becomes legal” (Foer50). This quote is basically saying that it is okay for animals to be treated and abused the way they are because there are no laws against the abuse. The states need to come up with strict laws that will cut numbers of animal abuse. The animals in the factories are getting treated terribly. “They call their revolution (animal rights), but the changes PETA has won for farmed animals, while numerous, are not victories for animal rights so much as for animal welfare: fewer animals per cage, better-regulated slaughter, less-cramped transport, and the like”(Unknown author). PETA stands up for animal welfare and want to raise awareness so they can pass new laws on how the animals are treated inside

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