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Goldeen Sam Strategic Marketing 14th October, 2012 Problem Statement First in Show Pet Foods, Inc. is a major producer of dog food for show dogs kennels in the United States. They have been creating high-quality food for show dogs for several years and now want to enter into new retail channel with their product called “Show Circuit.” Their greatest concerns are how they should go about entering into the retail branded dog food market, who to target, how to promote their product & segment their market, how should they distribute and where to start selling their product. First in Show Pet Food, Inc. executives and representatives of Marketing Momentum Unlimited are reviewing the introductory program for First in Show’s entry of branded dog food in Boston, Massachusetts, metropolitan market are. SWOT Analysis Strengths | * Production of high quality dog food * Dog food industry is in high demand for fed prepared dog food * Their brand is well known and is recommended by professional show dog owners * Located next to people food in supermarket * Quality ingredients with no additives or preservatives, are packaged frozen to prevent spoilage of fresh uncooked meat | Weaknesses | * It is costly to produce and market * The requirement for thawing time and freezer space for the product. * Lack of appeal of frozen dog food in the market. | Opportunities | * To be the first to tap the market potential of a complete frozen dog food in Boston supermarkets. * To capitalize on the growing popularity of organic dog foods. * To lay groundwork for Show Circuits national market roll-out. | Threats | * The competition is high considering that the five largest dog food producers own 75% of market share * Dog owners in general are price sensitive and are also concerned about the health and welfare of their animal companion. *

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