Ethical Perspectives Assignment (Option 1)

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McDonald’s is a huge fast food organization is America, everyone that lives here knows where a McDonald’s is located and has eaten there several times in their lifetime. What many people probably are no aware of is that McDonald’s is also the leader in global food service organization in the entire world. McDonald’s is responsible for over 34,000 stores worldwide and has served nearly 69 million people over a span of 119 countries. While these numbers are staggering it takes an army to feed all of these people on a daily basis. McDonald’s has realized the importance of getting their food to the public fast, with that being said this organization has accumulated 1.8 million employees. This is where some of the ethical issues come in to play as a global organization. Child labor laws and the limit of hours that people are able to work vary greatly from country to country. While McDonald’s wants to profit from their service to the public, they do not want to profit at the suffering of their employees working too much or in horrible conditions. In America we have child labor laws in place to ensure that employees under the age of 17 years old are not working too many hours in a row or in an overall week. Other countries may not follow the same regulations therefore the underage employees may be working harder than they should be. Another ethical issue that McDonald’s has faced is other countries not accepting them as a decent company. In Europe McDonald’s has come under ethical criticism due to the food health, supposed ill treatment of animals, the exploitation of children as employees, and destruction of rainforests. While some of this onslaught may come because they are the leading fast food organization in the world therefore they are coming under fire because of their size. The world wide dilemma of obesity and health eating forces many organizations to look at

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