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Case Study First in Show Pet Foods, Inc. First in Show Pet Foods, Inc. is taking new approach to quality dog food. They want to expand their company with their primary brand of dog food “ Show Circuit “ and create a new segment in the market introducing a new type of dog food. First in Show Pet Foods, plans on providing a frozen dog food. They took this idea and researched it to find if there is an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the existing types and brands of dog food currently on the market. Their promotional budget is approximately 500 to 800 thousand dollars. Most of their budget is being allocated to this project. First in Show Pet Foods, is the leading producer of dog food for show dogs and kennels. They have been successful in their niche market they currently have. The problems that may face Show Circuit are going to be overcoming objections to frozen dog foods, lack of appeal of frozen dog food and pricing. The will have to try and get it into all the major franchises, they are also going to have to change their marketing plans from show dogs and kennel owners to the average consumer. Even though Show Circuit has a successful history, they are still a new brand of food to the average consumer. The market is limited to the types of dog food that currently exist today. The market consists of three segments, Dry Dog Food that has a 65% share of the market, canned dog Food has a 15% share of the market and then dog treats contain a 20% of the market share. First in show dog foods has a great opportunity to introduce a new high-end dog food to the existing market. They have very little competition and they could possible thrive with their new product. The dog food was originally manufactured for a rancher as a means to improve the coats of his minks. Minks are animals used for their fur, they are used to make fur jackets scarfs and many

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