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ACE Day Reflection When I arrived at ACE Day I was intimidated by the professional setup for every company. I developed a plan of going to the companies I was least interested in to get a feel for the process. After speaking with Eddy Packing Company and Paramount Citrus I went to speak to the most interesting to me, The Maschoffs. I did background research on The Maschoffs beforehand so I would seem more professional in my first impression, and have some clue to what their business provided and consisted of. I researched that they were a large family-owned pork producer that works to feed over sixteen million consumers. As I introduced myself I used that information to start off my first question of jobs that were available for their company. The spokesperson was very nice and was eager to give information and present me with opportunities in their company’s field. After I asked for opportunities dealing with internships she responded that they had a variety of internships for upperclassman. The summer internships included swine production, research, nutrition and accounting. It was very competitive for freshman, but I was told that with dedication and reapplying every year there was a good chance I was able to get a position in Washington DC. After chatting over the different positions she offered me a card with an email address and phone number for the company. My overall experience of ACE Day was intimidating but it gave me an introduction to the different possibilities of jobs and internships that are available. I was also able to learn that without opening up and using good communication skills, I was going to have a hard time getting what I wanted in the future. ACE Day gave me an opportunity to practice first impressions and how to act when talking to

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