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Henry Gonzalez Professor Moore ENC 1102 16 February 2014 Food INC. Summary Food INC. goes behind the farmhouses and shows us how the livestocks are being treated and fed. It also talks about how some of the big meat packaging companies manipulate the farmers, by making them ask the banks for loans to make their farmhouses bigger, so they can produce more for them and if the farmers don’t agree with what they want than their contracts are terminated and they are left with a debt to the bank. Many of these companies like Tyson and Smithfield ask the farmers to feed the cows and pigs corn, because it help accelerate the process killing these animals. Feeding them corn, makes them get fatter and juicer, but not in a healthy way, many of these…show more content…
coli. People where traveling hundreds of miles to buy beef, pork and chicken from him because his food was healthier than the meat from a big corporation. Organic foods where also involve in this part of the video. It stated that more people are switching to organic foods every year by twenty percent annually. Even though it more expensive it is healthier for our bodies. An example of how the organic food industry is growing so fast is Stoneyfield. They had to sell their company to Dannon, because they couldn’t keep up with the mass productions they had to keep up with, when Walmart decided to get into the organic industry too and order from…show more content…
In the documentary they showed an example of a family that cant afford healthy food because the price of this foods are too expensive for them to buy with their budget. The father of this family was already having health problems because he was taking medicine for his diabetes he had acquired from eating junk food. Many Americans are suffering from overweight problems because instead of consuming healthy calories they are doing the opposite. In another part of the documentary it showed, how immigrants that are working for these companies were being hunted down by immigration in their own houses. The bad part is that both the meat packaging companies and immigration knew that this people were illegals, but they still kept hiring them and letting them work for a while in there companies. They kept capturing and deporting immigrant from this companies, so that the government wouldn’t suspect that they were hiring illegal immigrants and that they were following

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