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9-14-13 First Year There are many momentous moments in a young person’s life. Most teenagers look forward to getting their license, first car, first date, and more importantly graduating high school. Each and every one of these moments will impact an individual in a different way, whether it be for better or for worse. Many students upon graduating high school don’t know what to expect. Entering college can be one of the scariest, yet liberating experiences of a young adult’s life. It’s a time to branch out and grow as a person and really figure who one would like to become. The largest and most substantial moment in my life so far has been starting college. This is because college is a mature environment where a student has not only many freedoms and responsibilities but a chance to learn, socialize, and get active in the university community. The first year of college forms students into well-rounded individuals. A lot of people don’t come to realize how accustomed they are to their social groups until they are forcedly pushed out of their comfort zones. Starting college is essentially hitting the restart button; it’s a fresh start, a chance to create a new reputation. In my first few weeks of college I met many new people during welcome week, so many that it was hard to recall some of their names. Though it was overwhelming, when classes started I had a chance to make actual connections with people and make new friends. Shockingly, some of the best friends I have made in college aren’t even in my classes, but are people who live on my floor and have similar interests, hobbies, and morals as me. Comparing now the friends I have made in high school to the friends I have made in college, I could and would leave many of my high school friends behind. The friends I have made in college support me and have changed me for the better. High school is, and always will

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