First in Show Case Analysis

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First in Show Pet Foods, Inc.: Show Circuit August 5, 2012 Abstract First in Show Dog Foods, Inc is a well known dog food company to a more ritzy class of dogs, the show-kennel dogs. The food that is made for the show-kennel dogs gives them fine fur and texture since the meat and other ingredients are of top quality. First in Show decided to make it available to the public for customers to buy for their pet dogs. This paper will provide a case analysis beginning with what the company does along with their market structure, followed by their issues, problems with their marketing strategies (including competition), alternative solutions, and finally implementation of a good solution (matching between market position and promotional strategy). Case Background First in Show Pet Foods, Inc. is a major producer of dog food for show dog kennels in America. This food is unique as it is mainly used for the special dogs that work in dog shows. The formula was created by a mink rancher so his minks would benefit from a fine fur coat. He then tried it on other pets and stock, and it too gave them a luscious coat and healthy skin. The high quality food is called Show Circuit which comes in a 15 ounce frozen tub. First in Show Inc.’s management would like access into the retail dog food chain and make it available to mass consumers. First in Show, Inc. hired Marketing Momentum Unlimited in January 2009 to present a strategy to promote Show Circuit to the public. The cost of product marketing would be around $500,000 to $700,000 roughly. In addition, the cost of the food product itself would be high as it is being prepared as if it were human food. The modified frozen food would be produced as a 15 ounce plastic tub in a case of 12 at $7.87 per case (Kerin & Peterson, 2009). First in Show directors and executives “listened attentively” to this plan and it helped

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