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“ Furry Fortress of Deals” Have you ever wanted to shop for your furry friends, and try to get the most bang for ones’ buck? Realizing that those plastic little toys are not going to last throughout the week. By time you get home and give your pet those $80 dollar pet supplies that they are destroyed in 5 minutes. Petsmart is the best store to shop for pet supplies. The supplies at Petsmart make it the best store to shop at because of the different departments, huge selections, and great prices. Petsmart is the best store to shop for pet supplies because of all their different departments. I know with any dog, cat, fish, and reptile supplies I need I can find them at Petsmart. For example, when I took my dogs for a walk, my dog Duke was…show more content…
When I walk into a store, I look for quality and quantity. Petsmart is a very big store, so you do not have to worry about them not having the item you want. For instance, I had been calling around all day to find a Kong harness that the padding on the bottom to prevent in from rubbing the dogs’ chests raw. Everyone I talked to that day said they do not carry them because they are expensive. I called Petsmart and they had them in 5 different colors and 4 different sizes. Nevertheless, Petsmart is amazing for pet supplies because they have lots of brand names. My mother’s cat, Gracie, is allergic to many ingredients the cat food companies put in the food, so it took my mother some time to find the right cat food that wouldn’t make her sick. Thanks to Petsmart and their vast brand names, my mother found “Blue” cat food, which is mostly all; natural and safe for Gracie to eat. Furthermore, Petsmart’s vast selection makes it easy to find exactly what you want. I hate settling for any item. If I do not like what I am buying, what is the point of spending the money? Petsmart has many of the same items, but each one is built in a different way. For example, the collars I buy for my dogs have reflective tape so that you can see them when a car’s headlights shine on the collar. This makes them less like to get run over. I have learned that some different brands of reflective tape…show more content…
Anyone who is a pet owner knows having a pet is expensive. Petsmart makes is easier for pet owners to be able to buy pet supplies without breaking the bank. Petsmart has huge sale bins place throughout the store, and a variety of different items can be found in these bins. I was able to buy 4 tugging ropes, 6 squeaky tennis balls, and 3 new dog bowls for $25 dollars. If I would have gone someplace else I would be looking at spending about $50 dollars. Additionally, Petsmart is great store for pet supplies because they have a “Pet Perks” reward card. The reward card lets you gather points and, once you gather so many points, gives you a percentage of your next purchase off. For example, I shop at Petsmart a lot because I have 3 really big dogs that constantly need something. When I had gone in one day for some supplies, the sales associate at the register asked me for my Pet Perks card. After she had swiped my card, she proceeded to tell me that I had enough points to take 25% off of my full purchase! Furthermore, Petsmart’s prices are great because they have huge sales off of most of the items in the store during the holiday season, and that helps me be able to stock up on many of my pet supplies. When the holiday season at Petsmart is here, I know I can get at least 50% or more off of everything I purchase. I can remember one Christmas holiday sale at Petsmart that I had so many pet

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