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In the article “The Last Meow” by Burkhard Bilger he states that our love for our pets has gotten out of control. I agree with his argument because I believe that we do spend too much on our pets. I think that we spent too much money that is not necessary. There are basic things you need to buy for your pets like food and shots but other things are just over bored. It states in the article that we spend 11 billion in veterinary care alone. When that money can go for other useful things. It says that we spend more than three times more money than welfare. It’s ridiculous that we spend more money on pets than on families who need it who can’t get by. The article states that if we directed that money into other programs and foundations we could lift lots of families out of poverty. It also says that we spend 15,000 on surgeries and checkups that aren’t necessary. I believe that we need to stop the spending of none necessary surgeries and luxury for pets. I have seen people who but there pets jackets and clothes for there animals even though most animals have fur and can resist the cold. In the article its also says that people are calling the vet on weekends and on there days off. People get out of control I have only once ever taken my pet to the vet and that was to get in neutered. Because I didn’t want to have a litter of puppies and have more of a waist of money. In conclusion I agree with him about people spending too much money on

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