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Case Solution: Continue with the "Buzz" marketing campaign. Justification: Kayem Foods Inc, a privately held meat processing company has almost 100 years of experience and success as a processor and distributor of delicatessen meats, hot dogs, and sausage. Their years of experience in the industry establishes Kayem as a rival competitor and company that can steal market share. The fact that Kayem has almost 100 years of experience also means that the company has learned from past mistakes but also has documentation of their successes and triumphs. I would recommend Kayem Foods, Inc. to continue with the "Buzz" marketing campaign because the Buzz marketing campaign for Al Fresco was an overall success. The BzzAgents reported that they enjoyed the product and thought of it as a healthy alternative to regular sausages. They also reported that the people who tried Al Fresco enjoyed it and that the recipes which were given out were a success. While explaining where and when the agents had shared their Al Fresco, they sounded enthusiastic and genuine about how they felt about the product. The one thing that the agents complained about was the fact that the product was very difficult to find in their favorite supermarkets. Overall, 65% of BzzAgents said they were likely to purchase Al Fresco again. The sales of Al Fresco chicken sausage increased significantly throughout the year and the market share went up one percent as well. The market share increase was not as significant as the sales increase which is most likely due to the fact that they already have such a high percentage of the market share. The one downfall to the Buzz Marketing efforts are its difficulty in measuring the success as prior to the campaign, Al Fresco had began using some traditional advertising which created some

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