Summary Of Buckhard Bilger's 'The Last Meow'

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20 September 2012 Gahre, 1 When is Enough, Enough? “Clearly, our love affair with our pets has gotten out of control,” Buckhard Bilger argues in ‘The Last Meow”. Animal owners are taking spending to an entirely different level, paying upwards of $2,000 for root canals, chemotherapy and even radiation. Bilger believes that Americans over spending on their pets is outrageous. He is right; in fact the amount Americans spend on their furry friends is three times as much as the federal government spends on welfare grants. Animals just want our love and affection, they know nothing about these ridiculous over priced toys, pampering or medical care. “Poodles get root canals, cats undergo chemotherapy, rabbits are treated with radiation and prairie…show more content…
These luxuries are hard for most Americans to afford, let alone treat their dogs to one. Personifying animals is a growing trend in big cities, and it’s getting out of hand. Imagine, the amount spent on absurd acts such as facials, and massages for dogs. Enough is enough America. Americans are spending so much money to keep their pets alive when really it may be best to have the animals put down instead. When getting an animal, you have a responsibility to your pet, to treat it well, feed it and give it all the necessary love and affection it deserves. When your animal is sick and in pain putting it through all kinds of surgeries just in hopes of a couple more months to spend by its side is being selfish. The money spent on keeping the animal alive can go to another stray pet that will give you a lot of affection also, along with giving that animal a loving home. The extreme amount of money spent on pets in America is getting out of hand. This money should go to animals that have a chance at life, animals that need love and affection. If you truly care about your sick animals you wouldn’t allow them to be in

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