Euthanizing of Dogs in Shelters

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Many shelters across North America provide a place to take in stray and lost animals. This is where animals are kept for short periods of time until later the decision it made to euthanizing the animal. In the society we live in the demand of breeding of designer breeds of dogs is high. Everyone wants the latest breed of dogs leaving many of the unwanted pets homeless. This isn’t the case most of dogs are deemed unadoptable because the lack social skills and forced in surviving on their own. Many of the dogs will never experience the touch of loving human that is there for their car and never feel the warmth of the fire as they chew on a bone. The education of people will give animals a chance to live. Most people look for certain dog breeds when adopting from a shelter which leaves the poor stereotypes of breeds to be euthanized, never given the chance to be a good dog. If people are willing to be educated of breeding demands and the care of dogs this will lower the risk of pets ending up in shelter to be euthanatized. Euthanizing animals in shelters and answer to what mankind created. To what extent should the control of supply of pets and education be minatory implementation to reduce to the amount of euthanasia of dogs? Breeding of pets should be controlled by authorities to prohibit over breeding. Over breeding of exotic pure breed animals is proven to produce offspring that have neurological problem and pets with undesirable traits. As a result these animals generally show up in shelters. A tight control over breeding will lower the rise of these animals being euthanized and better bred pets. Due to the population of people and income in society the demand of breeds of dog is increasing. Having the control of where dogs are able to be purchase and selling in stores to people, this will lower the rise of dogs ending up in shelter due to over

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