The Last Meow

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The last meow article by Burkhard, Bilger talks about the love affair people have on their pets. People are spending too much money on their pets which it’s getting out of control. In our society, everyday Americans are spending every penny out of their pocket to maintain a good household. Pet owners in America are spending three times as much money on their pets than their families. Americans should stop spending so much money on their pets and start saving money from their families. People should spend their money on spaying and neutering pets. We should think twice about how much money we spend on our pets. With the economy so bad right now, we should focus on saving money than spending so much money on our pets. Money spent on pets should be spent instead on sick children or stray animals. Americans spend 19 billion a year on veterinary care for their pets. It doesn’t include the food and other supplies their pets need, which it adds up to 47 billion a year. Americans are spending more money on their pets than the federal government spending on welfare grants. (Burkhard, Bilger). I honestly think that money could go to better use. We could help people get out of poverty. We could send money to shelter or organizations that need the money. Americans are spending too much money on their pets. This proves that people care more for their pets than helping people get out of poverty. People treat their pets like if their children and will do whatever they could to see their pets healthy or alive. Pets are just there to keep company to a person who’s lonely. They also help people that are sick or are having emotional problems, and of course they could also be your pet. People shouldn’t get it confuse pets are just animals not humans. Pets are way different than humans, they have different types of sickness that humans don’t have. People spend a lot of money

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