Horse Slaughter Pros And Cons Essay

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Not Pro Slaughter; Pro Horse Horse slaughter has always been an option for American horse owners; it how has potential to be swept out from under the feet of citizens during this nationwide financial crisis. Many rural communities are feeling the pressure and selling items that they can live without, often times horses are the first to go because they are no longer necessary for agricultural purpose. Additionally, as American citizens, it is highly unorthodox to have to spend hundreds of dollars to get rid of an animal that is unsafe, unwanted, or just underutilized. Furthermore, without the option of canning the animal, horse owners may turn to simply letting the horse loose, which is illegal, and the government will be spending more money on organizations such as “Adopt a Horse,” because they’ll have to take the horses that are let go. It is also true that the US cannot dictate what other countries eat, “if we grew up with cows in our back yards and lived on dog ranches, we would think it was wrong to eat cattle.” Anonymous…show more content…
That is with the option of slaughter, if that opportunity is no longer available, it is difficult to imagine how many there would be if Americans could no long take their horse to slaughter, since many of the horses that are brought in each year are dreadfully malnourished. Which is why, it is negligent and ridiculous to get rid of the slaughter houses and it should be easy to come to the conclusion of keeping it open, keeping the revenue that they bring in and save more citizens money. Moreover, many horses will be replaced into a much nicer environment where there is plenty of feed to go around until they’re shipped off to Canada so they can enjoy a nice equine rib steak for

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