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Leo Ramirez English 12 Mr.w Kitty over kill. In the article “The Last Meow” by Burkhard Bilger, he states that “our love affair with our pet has gotten out of control.” He goes on to say that in the past seven years Americans have increased their veterinary care by $8 billion. Although pet care is very important, the expense on veterinary care is too high. The money can be spent on something different, on something that has a cause. When owning a pet it is essential to provide food, shelter, and health care. However some pet owners take their obsession too far and spoil their pet. Bigler states that “Americans now spend $19 billion a year on veterinary care for their pets.” A specific care given is root canals. With all the money that is spent on providing root canals, the people providing that money can find a better use for that money. The money should go to those animals with a chance not the ones who are on the verge of death. It is very rare to see someone spend $8,000 on medical bills for a fellow human being, so why would they spend that kind of money on a cat? Well most people have insurance for those kinds of bills and don’t have to pay that much. Now pet owners have started purchasing insurance for their pets too. People are better off forgetting about pet insurance and instead put the money they would have spent on premiums into a savings account. Pet coverage can cost $2,000 to $6,000 over the life of an average pet, and the chances are slim you’ll ever need to spend that much on treatments. The bond between humans and pets have always been strong, so it would make sense for some pet owners to spend a little extra to keep their companion alive. Sometimes animals reach that point where they are extremely sick and would be better off put to sleep. Some pet owners’ find it too

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