Animal Testing Is Wrong

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Animal testing is wrong. I am going to talk about animal testing, why it is wrong and the effect that it has on the animals in general. It’s just disgusting what these people are doing to animals and even though they do it for medical research, they have no right to make another living creatures life a living hell. Here are a few examples: My first argument is storing the animals in cages. It is inhumane to keep animals in small enclosures like that where they wouldn’t even get room to stretch their legs or get the chance to behave like they would naturally in the wild. The more intelligent animals (dogs, cats, pigs, primates etc) suffer from severe cases of loneliness because they lack the rights to run around and be free. How would you feel if you could not run around in a free environment? My second argument is using animals for testing cosmetics. It is estimated that over 1 million animals are killed due to companies that test their products on animals and those companies tell us that they use animals to test the safety of their products. They also use lethal dosage tests are used to determine the amount of a substance that will kill a predetermined ratio of animals which are performed by forcing the subject to inhale poisonous substances through inhalers, stomach tubes or injections. My third argument is about how the animals react to the testing. It is well known that the testing can cause extreme suffering to the animals, and the suffering can go on to the point of death. Also the way that the animals react to the stress of the experiments can severely affect the end results, rendering the experiments meaningless. Although it is true that we need animals to test our medical drugs on because if we didn’t, with modern day technology we wouldn’t be able to find cures for major diseases. But that doesn’t mean we should treat them so

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