Puppy Mills Animal Abuse

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Each year, throughout thousands of animals are dying or being ridiculously abused. In 2007, there were 1,880 animal abuse cases in America. 1,212 of those cases were about dogs, 337 were about cats, and 470 were other animals. Harmless, innocent animals are being hurt, and being very harmed but crucial people with no intention of what they are really doing. They are beating poor animals senseless. And most, for pointless reasons or none. So yes, you can call them mean, insensitive, jerks. But puppy mills are just as horrible as animal abuse. Because puppy mills are so bad, they have dogs and puppies in overcrowded and disgusting conditions, without real veterinary appliances such as food, water, and socialization with the other dogs. They don’t get to experience of being…show more content…
This is a very excruciate form of animal abuse, and is one of the worst known to man. Stopping animal abuse such as puppy mills will help a lot of animals in need and here are some reasons how: Refusing to buy dogs that are shipped from puppy mills. Most of those dogs that had been shipped from puppy mills would be ill with a disease. A lot of the dogs that are trapped together in a small area carry diseases and pass it on to other dogs. With no taking car of these poor dogs have no choice to have what’s coming, and to help them you would have to see the dog to get them. Sometimes they have websites that sell dogs, and true breeders would have to meet the owners to see if the dog would be going into a loving caring home, instead of just giving them to anybody. Who knows what they will do. So what I’m trying to say is to stop all of these animal abusers from abusing/hurting their loving pet if it is nothing but harmless. Puppy mills are a great deal of animal abuse and we should try to stop it. Not only do people have humans, but they feel

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