Domestic Animal Overpopulation

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Anthonia Coke Philosophy Week 1/ Domestic Animal overpopulation. Ms. Jennifer Sexton(author) created an article with the help of Tom Warhol(co-author) of an article called “Domestic Animal overpopulation” This article discusses the issue concerning the overpopulation of animals in the U.s. Ms. Jennifer sexton focuses mainly on Cats and dogs. This issued has been going on since the post civil war era. It was worst in the past but now this issue has calmed down due to the realization of animal cruelty and the growth of technology. Sexton talked about the changes that have been made to save the lives of animals that are unwanted and therefore killed because of the space that was taken up. Sexton begins by giving a basic definition of what is animal overpopulation. “Pet overpopulation occurs when there are more domestic cats and dogs than there are people who want them as pets.” (Sexton, J. (2011)). Sexton states facts about how much kittens are birthed a year in the U.S. Companion pets such as dogs and cats have to be euthanized because they are unwanted. “Private owned agencies and taxpayers were paying billions of dollars a year for catching, feeding and caring for these unwanted animals.” (Sexton, J. (2011)). The issue is that “Pet overpopulation is both a social and financial problem. And issue is that the available animals in a shelter do not meet the desired criteria of the potential adopters.” (Sexton, J. (2011). Sexton also defines various words in this article. These words include Feral, heat, and neuter, spay, and euthanize. She gave the history of how things the private owned dealt with the overpopulation of animals. One example would include catching thousands of unwanted dogs and drowning them in a river. Many animal lovers did not like this solution so Sexton concluded by presenting a solution that is still in act today. That “solutions included

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