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Disadvantages of Animals in Captivity Elizabeth Weise in her journal for International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) stated that approximately 18000 more species on the top list of endangered wild animals and 1940 species of the latter are listed as critically endangered wildlife (E.Weise,2011)¹. However, conservation is not the main reason for keeping animals in captivity. For thousands of years, animals have lived without being captivated by human. Keeping animals in captivity have a lot of disadvantages such as animal abuse, limits animals’ freedom and changes in animal behaviors. Firstly, keeping animals in captivity promotes animal abuse. Animals in circuses are used for entertainment purposes. They are tortured with inhumane methods such as beating and using electrical prod to make sure they perform well in training and shows. This is because businesses focus more on profit making rather than the animals’ welfare. According to Mayra Calvani in her journal in World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) mentioned that in Latin America and Europe, around 250,000 bulls die per year due to tortured and killed for entertainment purpose especially in bullfighting. (M.Calvani, 2008)². This shows that, keeping animals for entertainment purposes promotes animal abuse. Secondly, captivity also takes away animals’ freedom. Many of wild animals cannot cope with situation that they are taken from their natural habitats and placed in captivity. They cannot carry on their normal activity like in the wild and become listless and inactive in zoo. They also lose their natural abilities such as sprinting and hunting when placed in captivity. According to Virginia McKenna, the founder of Born Free Foundation and wildlife campaigner of United Kingdom suggested that freedom is a precious concept, and wildlife suffers mentally and physically from the lack

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