The Importance Of Orca's In Captivity

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Orca Captivity Orca’s have been captured from the wild for display since the 1960’s. When the first captures occurred, orcas were known as mindless killers that lived up to the name “killer whale”. As people began to watch and study orca’s in captivity, they had realized that their perception on these creatures was mislead. Researchers discovered that orcas are highly evolved social beings, and they have come to realize they are not suited for living their lives in captivity. Many groups are working to make people aware of orcas in captivity and avoid future reoccurring problems like this. Wanda, the first orca captured in 1961, was found off of the coast of california.( This large predatory marine mammal soon became…show more content…
( Furthermore, they have concluded that any scientific study of orcas would be best done in their natural habitat verse aquariums. Multiple factors would affect their behaviors and many concerns have been brought to peoples attention about the effects orcas face by leaving the wild. One concern for orcas that are born in the wild then taken into captivity is that they live in pods, and their families operate much as if a human family would, with strong attachments and emotions. Tearing these creatures away from their family members has much to do with the psychological effect on them. Several incidents have been reported over the past years that make people question the continued captivity of orcas. Some of these incidents include, failed pregnancies, illnesses, premature deaths and sometimes even attacks on trainers or human beings. Over the past few years aggression towards the orca trainers has increased rapidly. Many feel that this is due to the unnatural environment they have been placed in. When comparing orcas held in captivity to orcas that are able to live freely, their behaviors have vast differences. The small tank size they are compressed in, the role in decreased speed and natural movement, lack of diversity to other species all lead to the result of unhealthy habitats, and orcas. Other health problems are blamed on…show more content…
( Blackfish tells the story of Tilikum, a performing killer whale who has not only injured several people in captivity but killed. Behind the scene footage and shocking interviews are shown throughout the film to present a convincing case against keeping these wild animals for human entertainment. This emotional, heart touching story challenges us to reconsider our relationship with nature. It reveals how little we know about these mammals. This documentary explores how the harmful living conditions may be causing orcas to lash out violently toward their trainers. It is much believed that the captive environment has to do with these uncomfortable, devastating consequences of many Sea World trainers faced. ( A main focus of this film has lead towards an explanation for what actually happened, and hopefully a negative response from the

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