Stop Animal Testing In Cosmetic Industry

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Abeni Mebane Pam Pearce Eng. 090-013 12/4/08 Stop Animal Testing In the Cosmetic Industry Have you ever wondered how many animals suffer in labs in the cosmetic industry? This is an issue that gets over looked and no one cares about. The estimate of animals killed and experimented in the United States every year is one hundred and fifteen million animals. I understand medication being tested on animals but the cosmetic industry should not test on animals because its animal cruelty, the testing is not accurate, and there are other ways to test products. First reason they should not test on animals is because it’s animal cruelty. In America animal abuse is illegal. Testing on animals is abuse! Everyday millions of animals are locked in small cages giving them only enough room to turn around, and they have makeup put on them, and thousands die from it everyday. Animals do not have voices to speak for themselves and that’s what makes it abuse. They even use animals that we grow up with like cats, dogs, birds, and rats. Records are supposed to be kept on how many animals are being tested on, but that does not include rats, mice, and birds because they are not covered by the Animal Welfare Act, so they remain uncounted. People in the cosmetic industry say that they test on animals to make sure it is safe for humans. But humans and animals differ significantly making product testing inaccurate and dangerous. For example animals have much more sensitive skin then humans. They react differently to things. Sixty one percent of the cosmetics that are tested on animals and there is no affect and it is put on the market, people have gotten killed or seriously injured by it. Even humans are even different from one another. We have different skin types. That’s why people break out using certain products. For example aging cream, it does not work because if it did, people

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