Animal Testing Persuasive Speech

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Introduction: I know you have all read the back of a soap bottle once, and on the back it said "Was not animal tested." What about the products that have been tested on animals. “Stop Animal Experimentation” An original oratory by (name) Let me start us off with a quote: “The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.”----Leonardo Da Vinci. Animal experimentation is such a harsh thing. Many people are unaware as to what goes on in animal testing. Numerous products that are widely used were tested on animals, such as Crest toothpaste, Secret deodorant, Tide detergent, and many others. There is going to be a different reaction with some animals from the drug they are tested with, than the reaction to the humans. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that 100,000 people are killed every year by prescription drugs and more than 2 million are hospitalized with serious complications from prescription drugs. Clearly, if we are going to make medical progress, a new approach is needed. It is extremely dangerous to apply data from one species to another. For example; aspirin kills cats but is relatively safe for humans. Penicillin kills cats and guinea pigs, but has saved many human lives. The scientists use many tests on animals. There are three common ones used: • The Draize Eye Test-This test is used to test shampoos, weed-killers, pesticides, household detergents and riot natural gases. The substances are applied to the eyes of conscious rabbits in order to test irritancy. • The Skin-Irritation test-skin-irritation test, rabbits are immobilized in full-body restraints while a substance is dripped or smeared into their eyes or onto their shaved skin. Rabbits often scream in pain and many break their necks trying to get free. • LD50-During the LD50 test, animals will often
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