Persuasive Essay on Animal Testing

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A Persuasive Essay on Animal Testing. Millions of animals suffer every year in experiments due to Animal Testing. Tests where different species (like mice, rats, frogs, rabbits, dogs, cats, hamsters, monkeys, fish and birds) can experience severe pain and distress. The way that animals are also bred, transported, housed and handled for these ‘experiments’ may also cause added suffering. Over 3.5 million animals were used in experiments in 2008 in the UK alone. Some of them were poisoned, starved, deprived of water subjected to electric shocks or invasive surgery, or infected with deadly disease. In two-thirds of all experiments, no anaesthetic is used and, at the end of the experiment, the vast majority of animals are killed. The methods used to kill animals include breaking of the neck, blows to the head, suffocation in gas chambers, an overdose of anaesthetic and decapitation. All of which are barbaric. These helpless animals suffer and die in cruel chemical, drug, food and cosmetics tests as well as medical training exercises. Some people believe that if these procedures were to stop, human victims of sickness and diseases would drop dead in droves, however animals rarely serve as good models for the human body. The reality is that the majority of these abhorrent tests do not contribute to improving human health, and the value of the role that animal’s experimentation plays in most medical advances is questionable. In fact many of the MOST important advances in health are attributable to human studies. These include the relationships between cholesterol and heart disease, smoking and cancer. Harming animals in the name of science is morally indefensible, but there are also important scientific problems with using animals that cannot be ignored. Ethically speaking, to deliberately torture and take the life of another creature, be they human or nonhuman, is a

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