Controversy: Behind The Scenes In Animal Testing

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Darryl Phillips Mr. Leggett English 4 28 April 17 Behind the Scenes In Animal Testing Animal experimentation is a serious issue that many people oppose, whereas others try to justify the inhumanity behind it. Because of the controversy surrounding this topic, it has caused much frustration in companies and labs that test their products on animals. There are currently many organizations such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatments of Animals) and IAAPEA (International Association Against Painful Experiments On Animals) that oppose animal testing and try to resolve this issue by providing people with knowledgeable information about what is really happening to these animals. Over one-hundred million animals die in labs worldwide every…show more content…
We can not depend on the results of animal testing. Because animals and humans are different, the results of the animal tests might not apply to us. Just because one species reacts to a given drug or chemical in a particular way doesn't necessarily mean another species will respond the same way. Furthermore, animals kept in unnatural conditions, or animals in pain or distress, are not going to give consistent or accurate results anyway. One scholar mentions, “It is a flawed practice that has resulted in the needless suffering and deaths of millions of animals" (Festing 1). What is the point in finding these results through animals, if the process in getting them is flawed or altered? This could actually do more harm than good, and have worse affects on humans if not tested properly. One scholar states, “It may be cruel, but it can help us understand the human condition” (Fano 1). This quote can not justify animal testing, because these products are tested on animals that sometimes will not show the same side affects as humans. This alone is a reason why we should end animal experimentation because it is pointless in the first
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