Rhetorical Essay of the Evil of Animal “Rights”

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In the story of the Evil of Animal “Rights”, the writer tells us that animals are being test every day which causes death to most of them. He says that it is not a right to kill animals. Then, he gives so many evidences to prove using testing animals are extinct. I think, using animals for testing give us new vaccine which makes our lives better. Without animals for testing, where would our lives be going? Maybe, we will have a lot more diseases. First of all, the author claims that we humans have been killing animals for survival and the progress depends on our ability to kill animals. We eat them when we need food and we use them for testing to find new medicine. I found the story very difficult to support, mainly because of the way he stereotyped animal rights. He uses pathos to explain his view point of the issue and a lot of logical fallacies along the way. Such slippery slope when he says “we must leave animals free - to overrun and destroy our property, to eat our food, even to kill our children” and he uses pathos when he stated that he is a pure man-hatred that has no limited to a few leader in notion of animal “rights”. Throughout this story, the writer gives wrong evidence. He tries to prove how animal testing affects animals, but the evidence that he gives us was some kind of violence and lacking police protection. These evidences do not match with the idea that he tells us that “lacking adequate police protection, fearing for the lives of their employees… bringing it to the brink of bankruptcy”. I feel that the writer uses red herring. He keeps bring up criminal issue instead of talking about how animal testing effects on animals. Moreover, the writer gives evidence that I feel it does not make sense “the crime against Huntington are not isolated incidents; animal rights terrorists commit more than 1,000 crimes annually”. I think

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