Animal Rights In The United States

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The rights of man are guaranteed by the United States of America constitution, a most sacred document considered the basis for our countries justice system and to many citizens it’s morality. Animal rights is the protection of non human animals from cruelty through requirements of humane treatment. The conundrum that arises is if animals share the same rights that are given to man by god and country. 1[Animals should granted these rights from the moment they are born to the moment of their death, be that for the purpose of food or for natures cycle or profit.]2[Be it written into law or not, the animals utilized for our food are serving the pursuit of life and happiness of every American who has and will ever live, sadly these same animals…show more content…
When their is a build up of waste can mix in with groundwater and runs offs leading to killing fish and contamination. Several countries such as Japan, Australia, Canada and Europe have all banned the use of antibiotics and hormones on their farms and are still able to produce a healthy meat, in the United States it is legal and therefore used in mass quantities. In factory farming not all animals are free to roam, and able to live a happy life. Chickens can be kept on grass but are crowded in large flocks. They are debeaked or a third of their beak is amputated with a heated blade. Having so much pain some are unable to eat and end up starving to death. Birds are kept in mobile wire pens and cages that are too narrow to turn in or spread their wings, which can lead to pecking problems and the killing of one another. Decomposed birds are found with the living. When taken out of cages their bones are so fragile they tend to break. Male chicks are no value to the industry so they are killed at birth. Hens cages are stacked in rows on top of each other so thousands of birds can be housed together with approximately five to eleven birds in each cage. Their is not much human contact, Birds fall out of cages, get stuck between them and end up dying from having no access to food or water. With waste accumulating, ammonia can cause burns to the animals skin, eyes and respiratory tracts. Pigs have no hay or mud to lay on or roll in and sometimes no sunshine, instead they live over metal grates in a small cage that they can hardly turn in. Babies are weaned off their mothers two to three weeks after birth rather than the natural thirteen weeks. Some baby pigs that are not healthy enough are slammed on floors, and clubbed with metal rods and destroyed for an instant death. Animals are being castrated and getting their tails cut off without any anesthesia. Dairy cows

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