Against Industrial Farming

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Close your eyes and step into the world of an individual. You are born into a world where nights and days are never constant. You cannot move, you cannot run and you cannot escape this nightmare. What I just described is one of the numerous factory farms we have in America. Factory farms across America abuse their animals and force the animals to live in the most horrible conditions. Factory farming is inhumane and should be banned nationwide because it violates current laws, it will prevent animal abuse and stop diseases from occurring. There are countless videos showing the truth behind factory farming and you can see with your own eyes how these factory farms violate laws set by the Board of Animal Health. One example of a violation is that when the animal is actually killed, it must not be able to feel it. Cows are usually hit in the head with a air compressed steel rod and chickens are dipped in a electric water bath that usually renders them unconscious. One account of a chicken factory worker states, "they would take a couple minutes to die, while shaking and splattering blood and feces everywhere". This is wrong in every way and could be prevented by hiring a few more workers and slowing down the slaughter assembly line. Animal abuse is a major problem on factory farms. Workers begin to think that the thousands of animals they kill each day are just objects and they don't deserve to live. This is an account of a worker who told on his supervisor. "When I told management about his abuse, they laughed knowingly. “He likes to get real rough with them,” one said. “Take his anger out on them.” This quote shows how the workers and even the CEO's only care about profit and not the animals themselves. A horrible explanation of the overcrowding that occurs on almost every chicken farm is told by expert Bernard Rollins, "chickens are cheap; cages are expensive".
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