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Dear Editor, I would like to respond to Hans Wergin’s letter about abandoned dogs. I strongly disagree with Hans Wergin and feel that his idea of making people register as dog owners is of little value. The government should take other actions for tackling this severe problem. According to SPCA, the stray dog population in Hong Kong is escalating continuously. Dogs will be forced to take euthanasia if they were not adopted for a period of time. Approximately, there are 33000 dogs killed every year, this figure shows how severe the problem is. Identifying abandoned dogs’ owners is not a fully-fledged solution. Those iron-hearted owners will then be brought to justice and banned for life from owning a pet but without showing any repentance. However, it is an undeniable fact that they did escape from their responsibility. Pets are still deserted, so the problem still remains unsolved. Almost certain is that this is only for threatening purpose; it has no use in putting a halt to those mournful incidents. Therefore, the government should strike for others specific solutions. Han’s solution of identifying the dogs’ owners by establishing a registration process for the dog population may instead expand the problem. First of all, it may lead to animal abuse. Under the regulations, abandoning dogs will be prohibited. Once the owners break the law, they will face a series of punishment. For sure, there will be an immediate decline in the numbers of abandoned dogs. Yet, the dogs’ owners may express their anger and unwillingness through treating their dogs with even more cruelty or violence because owners are forced to keep them. Dogs may be killed privately as the owners may want to escape from punishment. In this case, it will be more difficult to investigate. The government should instead escalate its effort by implementing preventive pet shop regulations. Laws

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