Essay on Dangerous Dogs.

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The issue of restrictions on dangerous dogs arose following the mauling death of four-year-old Ayen Chol. Leanne Pelen, in her opinion piece These dogs are guns without a safety catch, published in the Herald Sun, contends that the laws in Victoria must be changed to further restrict pit bull terriers and protect people. She uses a concerned, emotional and occasionally bordering on outraged tone to engage a broad audience of readers. In the same paper Rachel Andersson responds in a reasonable and sympathetic tone. Her opinion piece, titled With training and love, they are devoted pets, is directed at those who fear pit bull terriers. She argues that the restrictions on pit bull terriers are both unnecessary and unfair. Pelen uses emotive language and imagery to tug at the reader’s heart strings and convince them of the dangers posed by pit bull terriers. She uses phrases such as ‘tragic death’, ‘senseless and needless’ and ‘viciously attacked’ to help the reader to visualise the attack. She uses an anecdote detailing a dog attack on her own family to establish her credibility and knowledge of the issue. She appeals to the reader’s sense of fear, stating that people should be ‘more aware … of just how little the Government will protect you if you are the victim of a dog attack’. This appeal, along with her use of inclusive language, draws in the reader and makes them feel connected to the issue. Andersson begins by stating her sympathy for the victims of dog attacks, and then moves on to argue against those who would ‘choose to condemn an entire dog breed’ based on isolated attacks. This immediately positions the reader to think of her as both moral and reasonable. Andersson uses an anecdote to establish herself as someone with knowledge of and familiarity with pit bull terriers. She also uses appeals to patriotism – ‘a compassionate and moral nation’ – to position
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