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I am writing this letter regarding the issues of live cattle export published in the age's education section issues. The writer's contention is telling the reader about the live export trade from Indonesia and cruelty to Australian cattle being harmed in Indonesia and being exported. The writer also explains to the reader about how this is done and how these animals are being harmed. My contention of this issue is that I think that live export trade should not happen as it is putting too much harm and stress on the cattle. In my opinion I think live cattle export should stop, it is just a bad image for Indonesia. One of the three supported arguments in this issue being mentioned and brought up is that the Indonesia’s poor cannot even afford…show more content…
In the article “This must never happen again” by Cathy Martin, Coldstream in The Age, published on June 9th 2011, she is telling the reader that only humans are only dominant enough to declare themselves owner of all other animals, which leads them with a huge role of responsibility. Cathy Martin would rather see meat prices go up instead of seeing the animals get hurt and harmed like they did shown on Four Corners. I would have to agree with this because it is wrong in so many ways with was done to the cattle. I would also feel sympathy for the 1200 peoples’ lives and jobs depend on the live export trade but maybe the ones that are to lose their jobs could help form a new authority to oversee the strict new standards relating to the future slaughter of Australian animals. The last argument supported in this issue is the use of the restraining boxes; a restraining box is used to restrain animals and to “stun” them quickly and accurately before slaughter- and in which a ‘stun gun’ is to render the animal unconscious. But in Indonesia, stunning only occurs in a small amount of abattoirs as some say that the technique breaks the Islamic law. There are over 100 restraining boxes in use across Indonesia’s 120 abattoirs. This seemed to aggravate the mistreatment, with assurance from LiveCorp’s website that states “the ‘box’ facilitates improved animal treatment prior to and during slaughter”. I agree that live cattle export should be stopped as I think it is very unfair to the cattle as they should not be treated like this. Mia Keane, 24 Apr.

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