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Fast Food Nation Essay: In most food industry factories in America, specifically the meat packing industries, enormous pressures are being put onto workers each day that are exceedingly demanding. With the strive for maximizing and mass producing; the derivation of repetitive injuries to workers emerges. These injuries not only cause for the disassembling lines to slow down, resulting in a less productive business day, but also affect the food they are producing. The poor and unjust working conditions of meatpackers in American Slaughterhouses are the causes for disturbingly unsanitary preparation of food. The stipulations of workers in the meatpacking industry are incredulously inadequate. Constraints such as not being allowed the right number…show more content…
How is something as simple as food becoming such a cause for concern? The demands for fast disassembling of meat come not only from the authority of the meatpacking industries, but from the substantially large businesses involved. These businesses include our nation’s most popular fast food chains, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, or Wendy’s. Logically speaking, over millions of animals are slaughtered each day for the simplicity of these restaurant’s menus; initiating the necessity for expeditious dispensation lines in the factories. “Cattle intestines often carry dangerous pathogens such as E. coli and are supposed to be kept away from the meat, but faster lines can lead to more intestinal spillage onto the meat” (Working Conditions 3). According to statistics, a meatpacking worker in charge of handling the intestinal parts of the carcasses can easily contaminate other parts of the meat payable to the urgency of disassembling. An unsanitary pair of gloves could easily be touching all different pieces of meat meant for packaging. These accidental spillages prove to be especially detrimental, containing feasible traces of deathly…show more content…
Poor and unjust working conditions, disturbingly unsanitary preparation of food, fatalities due to food poisoning- these are all concepts apart of the food industries of our nation’s weakness in the awareness of it all. The unmerited affairs for our food industry workers are the blatant cause for derivation of deathly pathogens that are contaminating our food. If America would realize these actualities, and choose a side, whether it be okaying the tumult of it all, or fight for the justice of it all, the unknown obscenities taking place inside these factories would be put to a

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