Poseidon's Argumentative Essay

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After having learned of Aphrodite's visit to America, Poseidon (luckily on one of his less moody days) approached his brother, Zeus, with a proposition. The following is what transpired: Poseidon: "I understand Aphrodite went to America." Zeus: "Yes. She can be quite persuasive at times, so I allowed her to visit for awhile." (Oh boy, did Poseidon know about the wine? Dang, he hoped nobody knew what that little minx had done to him) Poseidon: "Well, I'm certain her trip was a waste, as always." (He said in an indignant tone) Zeus: "Come now Poseidon, everyone isn't as serious as you are about life. Anyway, what is it that you wished to see me about?" Poseidon: "I have received word from my children the dolphins of yet another…show more content…
Amphitrite (Poseidon's better half) decided that she did not want to bear witness to Poseidon's wrath (for surely at some point, it would erupt), so she packed Poseidon a bag and met him at the door of their palatial home. The following conversation transpired: Amphitrite: "Honey, take this with you. I packed you a change of clothes." Poseidon: "Amphitrite, you know you can go with me. And I don't need clothes, these human- Americans will take me as I am, I care not what they…show more content…
You people allowed this to happen, are killing off the animals, soiling drinking water, and making it near impossible for anything to survive in the waters because of the pollution and all you can say is that nothing is being done immediately because of FUNDING?" EPA - Smith: (wondering why this reporter is so emotional over the subject - Smith chooses his words carefully): "Yes Mr. Poseidon, we cannot just have people work for free on this project, it all comes down to funding in the end." Poseidon (obviously irritated and ired at this point): "I shall see what the rest of your America says about the pollution they are facing, and then get back in touch with you with potential solutions." (Poseidon basically cuts the conversation short and leaves Mr. Smith's

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